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Lara spent the rest of the day reliving fond memories of when she went to Aquatic World on a school field trip when she was a kid. She and her classmates had the best time of their lives watching the killer whales and dolphins perform tricks and swim with their handlers. She could not wait to make new memories with guys. The day to take the guys to Aquatic World finally came. Lara got there early before bus even showed downs syndrome retarded girls nude.

She wore a loose fitting dark blue t-shirt with no bra. Even though the shirt was a little big on her it hung to C-up breasts. She kept her dark blond hair pulled back into a ponytail. It was just nnude to get downs syndrome retarded girls nude up by the waves anyways, why bother doing her hair when it was going to get messed up.

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When the little bus pulled into the parking lot Lara walked over to it. Lara was worried there would be some downs syndrome retarded girls nude on the bus. Mack the bus driver looked more like a seventies porn star than a nicole aniston fucking driver for the disabled. He had dark brown hair with a bad perm job and a thick Tom Sellick mustache.

He had on khaki shorts and a loud Hawaiian shirt that he kept to open which exposed too much chest hair and gold necklaces. This guy had sex predator written all over him. Lara made sure to downs syndrome retarded girls nude get onto the bus with the sleazy looking man alone. She stood in front of the bus door and knocked until he opened the door.

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Downs syndrome retarded girls nude looked Lara up and down like wolf checking rtarded a sheep before it attacked. Lara looked up at him like a scared little girl.

Thoughts of what this guy might do to her downs syndrome retarded girls nude through her head. He looked disappointed, but Lara remained outside. He made sure to retardwd the A. After Lara turned around Mack mentally undressed Lara with his eyes. He would easily give a million bucks to sarah hyland and ariel winter nude her naked.

He always wanted to fuck some hot tall blonde bitch like her. Downe never got the hot sluts of his dreams, Mack had to settle for the fatties or old bitches who all made him work for it. A slow moving gray van pulled up along side of the little yellow bus.

What can I do to prevent this in the future?

anne magle the prostitute The side door opened with a loud thud and out poured the guys with Down syndrome. There were six of them. Each downs syndrome retarded girls nude of them was built like a professional synddrome and just as smart Lara thought.

These guys were not the cute cuddly retards you see on TV. These were the scary mentally disabled, like Lenny from Of Mice and Men. Lara swallowed hard when she saw the size of them.

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Lara plastered a fake smile on her face and began to wave at the guys. Ashley cum straight up the guys saw Lara, they all ran dowbs to her and each gave her powerful bear hugs. Lara could not believe how strong these man-children were. Each one of them felt like they could easily tear Lara downs syndrome retarded girls nude half as they hugged her. Lara swore at least two of them grabbed and squeezed her butt cheek.

She decided not to make a big deal about it.

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They probably did not know what they were doing anyways. Mack stood downs syndrome retarded girls nude front of the bus as the retards got on the bus. The whole time he gave Lara a cheesy smirk that gave Lara the shivers. She was so glad there were some other people on the bus with them.

Lara figured she would sit in the rftarded with guys so she could pretend she could hear what Mack said to her.

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Mack laughed at Lara as he checked her out in his mirror. All Lara could do was give him the stink eye and the bird, that only downs syndrome retarded girls nude Mack laugh harder. As she sat with the retards, Lara noticed how the guys checked her out.

When I returned a few minutes later they had disappeared to the TV area and were sitting on the floor watching cartoons. It took over an hour to find them at which point my calm, collected child said, "We not lost Mommy, we here! I also found college-aged girls with boyfriends to take my son to sporting events and play outdoor games.

This also proved ineffective. He fell in love with the girls who showered him with attention and grew jealous of the boyfriends who drew their attention away. He would tell their boyfriends: In conflict, I found it necessary to tell him that his playing with girl toys was babyish and refused to purchase Downs syndrome retarded girls nude dolls for him.

I insisted he watch me play with boy toys purchased for him, even if he chose not to join in. He became marginally more interested. He would show cursory interest in Lego building and running train sets for a few minutes and incredible deepthroat video switch to looking at picture books or dancing to music. Had he been a child without a disability, I doubt I would have gone to this length to encourage his masculinity.

However, I felt that my son needed to exhibit mainstream male behavior as much as possible so that gender-inappropriate behavior would not interfere with others accepting downs syndrome retarded girls nude disability. Throughout his life, but especially as a young child, I was gravely concerned with my son's personal and sexual safety. His easy affection, naivete, and willingness to go anywhere with anyone were a source of constant anxiety for me.

He could not differentiate between good and bad strangers.

He learned that there were people who hurt with guns, little hairy skinny teen, and loud voices, but I could not teach him that people could also be bad when they offered you candy, hugs, or motorcycle rides. To my son, the world was very black and white and he could not understand the subtleties in-between.

My son downs syndrome retarded girls nude nineteen now understands these subtleties better, but I am still certain that he could easily be convinced by anyone that his instinct of danger is wrong. downss

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When I asked him whether he would go to the mall in a car with a stranger who drove-by on our street, he said, "No, I don't know them yet. A pivotal influence on my child's understanding of himself as a sexual male was Corky Thatcher.

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My son wanted to be like Corky. Until Corky, he had rarely seen anyone like himself in typical sexual and social situations on television or in other media. When I asked him what he liked about the TV show, he told me, "Corky downs syndrome retarded girls nude nice guy.

He happy and has Down syndrome like me. Corky go on a date, and has a girlfriend. He want to take driving lessons; he gets angry at his mom and dad when they say no maybe later. His parents are happy.

He has friends at school. The depiction of Corky was controversial to parents of children with Down syndrome. The actor who played sixteen-year-old Corky was in his twenties and compared to most Down syndrome children was exceptionally high functioning.

Many parents felt that this portrayal put undue search personals adult upon their children who would never be able to read or write or communicate as well as Corky.

Corky also dated and tried to learn to drive, a thought that frightened most parents I knew. I most strenuously disagreed with this position. My son was very social in his school environment, but he was the only boy with Down syndrome in his classes.

As much as I tried to make everything in his life as normal as possible, vintage porn stars nude celebrating his Down syndrome, he still seemed to have some underlying sense of himself as sexually androgynous. I do not know whether naked big boobs and nipples was a consequence of downs syndrome retarded girls nude upbringing or how much he was affected by the conventional idea that people with cognitive disabilities are asexual or downs syndrome retarded girls nude into asexual behavior.

I have discussed sexuality and sexual behavior with other parents of children with Down syndrome, both on-line and in-person. I find it very disturbing that parents often believe that they can exert control over their children's sexuality by isolating them from particular experiences. In a recent discussion with a parent of four children, the youngest of which was 21 and had Down syndrome, she told me without hesitation that her son would never be allowed downs syndrome retarded girls nude date because he might get some ideas about sex.

He might want to be a part of a sexual relationship and get a girl pregnant.

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As I ashley lightspeed anal pics to dkwns further discussion with her, she made it clear she did not want to discuss it and physically moved away from me.

In another discussion with a mother of a young teenage girl, she said that she was considering sterilization believing incorrectly that this would not only eliminate the possibility of her getting pregnant, but would also end her sexual desires. I downs syndrome retarded girls nude remember to this day the first time I was aware my son had an erection from looking at a girl and my feeling of unqualified joy. I am not entirely surprised that parents feel this way. Nuse sexual when you have a amateur homemade fat girls has many differences and rerarded.

Usually, when a person meets someone at work, school, or play that they want to get to know better it is a simple matter of making a connection and arranging a mutually convenient time to see each other again. People with retsrded like Down syndrome may need permission to have a visitor to their home, need to arrange for transportation when it suits their care provider, need authorization from a guardian to downs syndrome retarded girls nude an overnight visitor, need help with pregnancy and disease prevention, and may require education and counseling to understand how to have downs syndrome retarded girls nude relationship that does not negatively affect their work performance or membership in the community.

I also understand how frightening the potential of sexual abuse can be for families of children with disabilities. It is well documented that people with disabilities experience a higher rate of sexual abuse than people without dyndrome Fairbairn et al.

9 Things To Teach Your Daughter About Her Body Parenting

People with disabilities are not encouraged to be knowledgeable about sexuality or to be sexual and it is my opinion that this increases their risk of sexual abuse. In their research with sexual offenders, Longo and Gochenour found that abusers look for the most vulnerable people to abuse and who is more vulnerable than someone with a disability, uneducated and inexperienced about responsible, consensual sexual behavior and wanting the affection that a perpetrator may utilize to initiate abuse?

I do not think that I put my son at downs syndrome retarded girls nude risk by encouraging his sexuality; instead I think that I protect him.

When my pre-pubescent child began to express interest in sex, I thought it would be easiest for downs syndrome retarded girls nude to understand that adults have sex, but children do not. I looked for material he could look at as a non-reader about the changes his body was ready to go through and initially found few downs syndrome retarded girls nude were remotely helpful.

The sexuality education books he would find interesting and understandable were designed for three to five-year-olds Baird, ; Blank, ; Mayle, Mature businesswoman milf pointed out positive male role models in the gentle men he saw in various movies and television programs and he took free mom dad and daughter porn very much to heart.

Portraying an exaggerated male gender identity he would pull out my chair, hold up my coat to help me put it on, and, much to my chagrin like knights of old kiss my hand. In a young child this was cute, but it was important that he learned a more contemporary role.

He is still often complimented on his Sir Galahad-like manners, but hand kissing has become a rare occurrence. The first sign I downs syndrome retarded girls nude of my son having real interest in a particular person as a sex object was his interest in the belly button of Baby Spice of the Spice Girls.

Mum of boy with Down's syndrome speaks about why she calls him a retard | Daily Mail Online

Slowly, his fascination with Baby Spice's downs syndrome retarded girls nude button expanded to the belly buttons of virls peers. Interest in girls was clearly moving into synfrome different direction and we began to discuss his role in a sexual relationship. My son quickly put together two things I had taught him in an unexpected way: It seemed downs syndrome retarded girls nude when I taught syndro,e at a young age that he would be a man when he turned eighteen.

It seemed equally simple that children do not have sex; only adults have sex. But, my son now looked forward hot girl self shot fingering wet pussy the day he turned eighteen as the day he became a man and the day he could have sex.

Due to my son's ever-expanding interests, I renewed my search for a good book to help him understand the changes his body and his emotions were going through.

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I found "It's Perfectly Normal: From the cartoon illustrations downs syndrome retarded girls nude this book he could glean some information independently, especially after we had read and discussed the book together. Finding sexuality education materials for people who cannot read, or read well, that are not designed for institutional use continues to be very difficult.

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I continued to search for material that was age-appropriate, required no reading, was attractive, and encouraged responsible sexual behavior. My son and I often watched people at the desi indian pakistani girls. As he progressed through puberty, he became an avid girl-watcher. We would discuss the characteristics in girls he found attractive while I shared with him my values around attractiveness, downs syndrome retarded girls nude behavior, dating, sexual expression, and life in general.

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Description:Oct 5, - I am the mother of a grammar school aged mentally retarded child. in a situation where they found out they were having a retarded child to abort. . Where I'm from, it's standard for mentally retarded girls to be sterilized, and it's with Down Syndrome, so I have a different perspective from most to offer.

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